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xp-pen №3

xp-pen star 06 review

Бренд: xp-pen

Автор: dongtian

Дата издания: 30.09.2019

XP-Pen Star 06 Wireless Painting Tablet
I do like the wireless Painting tablet XP-Pen Star 06 and the packaging for a low cost item is superb. In terms of functionality, it did not work right off the bat. I skipped the USB stick drivers and went to the website, and downloaded the latest and greatest driver. I use this primarily for photography (Lightroom and Photoshop, and some Illustrator), and could not draw a curve for anything....it only translated my movement to a starting point and end point, and line in between. I will say that the button assignment worked much better on the new driver than the one included in the USB Stick. I then removed the drivers, and installed the ones on the USB stick, and everything worked as expected.

- Value!!! Can't beat this value for a medium wireless tablet.
- Easily configurable
- Wheel works great from brush size adjustments.
- Smooth once properly configured for my needs

- Wireless is kind of flaky...i've had a couple instances where the wireless connection dropped off. (the star loss comes from here)
- Button configuration on current driver is not optimal (Rel 05/17/17 ).
- Pen is light for my liking; much lighter than the Wacom Draw tablet it's replacing.(but I am a writing tool snob, so I won't ding here too much).
- Not the smoothest lines...not an issue for me, but for someone drawing on the Adobe suite, It may be an issue.

Overall, I would recommend the tablet to anyone on a budget. I am looking forward to new drivers for this tablet to really unlock it's potential.

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