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Fun facts about sex dolls for adults in 2020 Do you really know lifelike sex dolls? Fun facts about adult lover dolls in 2020 Are realistic sex dolls newsworthy? Of course I think they have! Understandably, though, the topic of live-action dolls rarely makes headlines. That's why we get excited when we see news about love dolls. Well, let's see if there's any news coverage of sex dolls!

"spectators" in football leagues South Korea 's top football team FC Seoul has received a record fine . What rules did they violate? During the epidemic, they carefully prepared promotional videos. The club has placed mannequins in the stadium's auditorium to serve as spectators to watch games. It can be seen that each model is wearing a mask and maintaining the required social distance. Unfortunately, these are no ordinary mannequins. Maybe you have thought about it too, right! Those mannequins are actually mini sex doll. It can be considered that this is a magical use of real dolls, but unfortunately it is not allowed in Korea, so the team was fined 100 million won, or about 600,000 yuan.