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All realistic sex doll on our website are made of beautiful and durable materials so that our customers can use them for a long time. We paid a huge price for this. The reason we chose to do this is because of a one-time sale. A customer found that his vagina was damaged one month after purchasing our product, so he lodged a complaint with our customer service. Our boss took this matter very seriously, so he took back all the dolls we sold at the time and compensated our consumers. In the next year, click here and we will continue to improve the technology of making sex dolls. The goal is to create a sex doll with a life span of more than 10 years. Although this goal has not been achieved, our technology has achieved a qualitative leap, and the service life has been greatly improved by several grades.

TC's website promotes Japanese sex dolls as "your close friends, talk to you and feel your touch". At this time, people have big questions: They are so realistic, they can talk, will they have a negative impact on the actual human life? Parents will be very worried: if their children are addicted to talking Barbie dolls, will they not want to communicate with other real people? Women will worry: Will such Japanese sex dolls have a place in the family?
The reporter Lao Li wrote in his article "TPE Sex doll: Why Do Women Panic?" try. ". Engineer David predicted in his book "Robot Sex" that by 2050, Marseille, the United States will become the first Central State to legalize marriage with a robot.
This era is the era of the Internet. Yes, I feel deeply. One day, I wanted to find a prostitute to have sex on the bed, so I searched for various information on the Internet, but found nothing. The next day, there was something more in my phone. There are many novels about sex dolls, so I said that this era is really great, your wife, children and parents may not have your phone to understand your thoughts
Anthropologist and ethicist Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and Dr. Erik Billing of Shefford University in Sweden launched a campaign against “sex robots”. They feared that it would objectify women and undermine the relationship between men and women. Between the same sex.