sexdoll from china №2


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sexdoll from china №2

sexdoll story

Бренд: sexdoll from china

Автор: KevinMille Kevin

Дата издания: 07.12.2021

With the recent trend of realistic sex dolls becoming popular, people will be surprised at how many peculiar stories and data this phenomenon has. Here are some stories about physical dolls you might want to know:
1. Although most realistic sex doll owners treat physical dolls as toys for their own entertainment purposes, some people regard these dolls as actual companions. An extreme example is Davecat from Michigan. Not only did he marry a dear physical doll, he affectionately named Sidore. Sidor is made by Abyss Creations and sells for about US$6,000. They have a pair of wedding rings and are preparing to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
2. The sex doll industry in Japan has a unique name for physical dolls: Dutch wife. Historically speaking, this is due to the first-generation dolls made of cloth and weeds when Dutch sailors were sailing in the 17th and 8th centuries. In French, these are called "dame de voyage" and in Spanish, they are called "dama de viaje". These two terms will roughly translate to "travel lady". They sold these dolls in Japanese ports. Today, the history of physical dolls from the Netherlands has remained in Japan.
3.They wrote in a related post: "This year, one of our mini sex doll has been on the big screen for 14 years! Who remembers the image of Bianca in "Inflatable Silicone Love Doll"?"
This film tells the story of Lars, a young man living in a small country town. He is a taciturn solitary man. In order to get a girlfriend who will not bring him insecurities, Lars ordered dolls online. Anka, and Bianca as his confidant. Also introduce her to his friends.
Online posts are full of comments praising Bianca and the movie. One of them wrote: "I wrote an essay on the protagonist of the film. This is a very interesting and thought-provoking film about certain taboo issues."
4. Howard Stern (Howard Stern) is known for his vulgar moves in his performances, but do you know the main reason for popularity? It is reported that he has his own doll, and through special effects and propaganda in film and television to make the doll famous all over the world. Now, the doll production company sells more than 300 dolls every year, at least 30,000 yuan per teen sex doll.
The scholar wrote in the "Conversation" magazine: "The 21st century technology, such as artificial bionics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), is infiltrating every corner of our social and emotional life and changing us. How to build friendships, build close relationships, fall in love and break up."
"When it comes to artificial intimacy, many people's thoughts may jump directly to physical dolls: one day, realistic robotic physical dolls that can walk among us."