sexdoll from china №1


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sexdoll from china №1

sexdoll story

Бренд: sexdoll from china

Автор: KevinMille

Дата издания: 06.11.2021

After the doll was reduced to a tool for expressing various ideas in the hands of the surrealists, the development route of the doll was completely deviated in their hands, and its true practical value was ignored TPE love doll . After transforming the cute dolls, the distortions used to achieve special political purposes should be resisted and strongly criticized.
However, after the start of the Second World War, as the Axis and Allies entered into global wars, men had left their homes for a long time, and the pressure of war caused them to be too indulgent in their sex lives. Unfortunately, many soldiers became infected. Venereal disease. In order to improve combat effectiveness and reduce risks in this regard, Heinrich Himmler decided to develop a series of clean realistic sex dolls and set up a doll studio on the front lines of the war to reduce the risk of soldiers contracting venereal diseases through regular disinfection. The German SS charged on the front line, and the logistics unit followed the army with trucks full of dolls. After ambushing the logistics unit, the Allies harvested a large number of dolls. It's ridiculous to think about this scene.

 https://www.oksexdoll.com/sex-doll-torso.html This doll project is centered on the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. It was supervised by Franz Tschakert, a well-known technician and synthetic material expert at the time silicone sex doll . It was initially supervised by Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky of the SS and later by another Danish named Olen Hannussen. The research team also included a psychiatrist, Dr. Rudolf Chagheimer, and an art student and sculptor named Arthur Link. The study period was from June 1940 to January 1942. Rudolf Chagheimer suggested that sex dolls must be realistic enough to keep soldiers away from prostitutes who are afflicted with venereal diseases. And these dolls must also be the image of Aryans with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. However, when choosing the face of the doll, the researchers had disagreements. Some suggested that a beautiful actress should be used as a model for the model, but some people suggested that the face of the character should be completely virtualized.
 https://www.oksexdoll.com/silicone-sex-dolls.html After the disagreement, the researchers simply made ten faces and asked the soldiers to express their reactions. After the selection was completed, in September 1941, the first complete Nazi doll was born and submitted to Himmler. It is said that he was very impressed after seeing it and ordered 50 fat sex doll on the spot.
 https://www.oksexdoll.com/black-skin-sex-doll.html But then due to the excessive expenditure of the war, the research funds for the dolls were cut. The molds of these dolls and all the design documents were stored in the German Health Museum. It is a pity that these dolls were all in the Allied air raid in 1942. Was destroyed. Germany’s contribution to the development of dolls has been completely destroyed, but Japan, also an Axis country, has contributed immensely to the development of ebony sex doll .

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