realistic sex doll №2


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realistic sex doll №2


Бренд: realistic sex doll

Автор: KevinMille Kevin

Дата издания: 05.01.2022

The story of sex dolls and scum
Although she is a "cheap sex doll" "made" by others, she also has the right to say "no"! She thanked him very much for saving her from the traffickers! However, because of this, he could use her as his own "body toy", playing day and night. He just played with her body without feelings. She has to work hard, work hard, and work hard to match the "posture" and "angle" he wants, a realistic sex doll.
It's all because her fate is so unsatisfactory. The "people" she meets will be bullied by his handsome demons, from the inside out, from top to bottom. However, it depends on him. In order to become an "excellent" sex doll torso, she grievedly gave him the advanced skills of "sex". However, she did not expect that she would "sacrifice" and "bath" in her sexual relationship with him. She suddenly discovered that she was just his bed warming tool, his plaything when he was bored. Also a substitute for another woman!
I am a college student in 1999, and my girlfriend is my college classmate. We have been in love since a long time ago, but one day, a super big cock came to the class, and my girlfriend became obsessed with his big cock. Since then, I have been estranged from me. I don’t go home almost every night. I have sex with that big cock every day. I feel frustrated with my girlfriend, so I completely broke up with him. One day I surfed the Internet aimlessly and learned about something called a sex doll, so I browsed a lot of stories about sex dolls. I was deeply in love with this product. I wrote the story between me and sex dolls. The novel is published on many websites. If you are a person who is emotionally frustrated, you can go and read my story. Maybe you will fall in love with sex dolls just like me.
Damn it! Who does he think he is? She is not that kind of casual woman! So, she put on her backpack, patted her butt and left. How did she know... Well... before she could leave, she was stunned by those stupid ghosts, just when she thought her life was about to end, he, he, He... actually "does magic" in front of her anime TPE Sex doll. Not only did the "that" who hid him in his clothes appeared in front of her, it also hinted that after she escaped, he could still "do business", this damn thing.