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How to choose a life-size sex doll hair transplant and hair set?

How to choose hair transplant and hair set? Teach you how to choose the right real doll.
When you are going to buy a Real Sex Doll in an online shopping store, the customer service will say that this is a physical doll with hair transplantation. The price is more expensive, but it is very beautiful; it is a physical doll with hair set, which is also very beautiful, and the price is very affordable. Hearing this, you may be confused, what? Are there real hair dolls and love dolls with hair transplants? What is the difference between them? Which one is better?
With the development of the adult sex doll industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for real dolls. Customers demand that true love dolls are infinitely close to real people, the more real the better, and the more realistic the experience, the better. Therefore, in recent years, many physical doll manufacturers have begun to turn to silicone head sculpting. The number of silicone manufacturers has changed from a few to dozens. There are more and more details, real hair planting, more real blood vessels, skin texture, etc.


What is Hair Transplant Sex Doll Porn?

Hair transplant cheap sex dolls refers to artificially implanting the hair one by one into the scalp during the process of making the silicone head. This process requires a lot of time and energy, so the price of the hair transplanted entity doll is relatively high.

Why can hair be implanted in the head of an obese sex doll?

This is because the overall texture of the head made of silicone is relatively hard, with high toughness and strong shaping ability. When the worker implants the hair by hand, the surface of the silicone head sculpture is not easy to crack and can keep the surface of the scalp intact.
Silicone head sculpted hair transplants are divided into real hair and synthetic hair. Real hair is the hair of a real person bought on the market, after washing it, it is implanted into a silicone head sculpture. The cost of real hair is very high, and some real hair needs to be imported from abroad, so the price of real hair silicone head sculpted dolls is the highest, usually a single head price of more than 1,000 US dollars. The price of synthetic hair is relatively low, and the price per head is about US$400.


What is a set of physical dolls?

TPE Sex Doll means that the hair is not implanted during the production process, but after the production is completed, the wig is additionally worn on the doll's head, which is also a common form on the market.
Hair set bbw sex dolls are generally made of TPE material, because TPE cannot transplant hair. Of course, dolls with silicone heads can also choose to set hair, this is mainly to meet the needs of different users: some customers want silicone head sculpts, but don't want to pay extra for hair transplantation, so the factory keeps the physical dolls with silicone hair sets.
The price of the doll with hair set is relatively low, because there is no hair transplant cost and time cost, the price of TPE single head is usually 300 yuan to 1500 yuan, and the silicone hair head sculpture is about 2,000 yuan.

The advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant physical dolls

(1) Realistic. The silicone head of the hair transplant looks very real, and the hairline and scalp are almost the same as the real person;
(2) Beautiful. The head of the hair transplant makes the whole doll look very beautiful, and the look and feel is very good;
(3) It is not easy to dye. Some low-quality wigs on the market can fade, and hair transplantation can avoid head dyeing.
(1) The price is high. As mentioned earlier, the price of the single head of the implanted synthetic hair is already around 3,000 yuan, and the price of the entire doll will be higher;
(2) It is not easy to clean and maintain. The implanted hair is closely connected to the entire head. If you clean the hair, you need to remove the entire head from the body, and pay attention to makeup and prevent water from entering when washing;
(3) Single. After the hair transplant, the hairstyle cannot be changed, it can only be cut short or simply trimmed;
(4) For the factory, because the hair transplant process is manual operation, it is easy to have defective products, which increases the cost of the enterprise.  
The advantages and disadvantages of sending physical dolls
(1) The price is low. There is no extra hair transplant cost, so the price is relatively low, and it is also suitable for customers with a small budget;
(2) Hair style can be changed at will. Customers can buy many wigs and change different hairstyles for the doll;
(3) Easy to clean. Remove the wig and wash it separately without damaging the head of the doll.
(1) Not real enough. The exposed scalp can be seen from different angles. Without hair roots, it does not look real, and the experience is not very good;
(2) The head of the doll is easily injured. Because the wig is easy to fall off when worn on the head, it is easy to scratch the head. The color of some wigs will also contaminate the head of the doll;
(3) Wigs are easy to age. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the wig is easily damaged.


how to choose?

First of all, if the budget is sufficient, you can try the hair transplant doll, because it is very realistic and worth buying. If the budget is low, then it is best to choose a physical doll with a set of hair.
Second, refer to personal preferences. For the look and feel more important, the price of silicone sleeve hair is slightly lower, which is the best choice. If you don't have any requirements for the fidelity of the physical doll, you can choose TPE set hair, the price of this type of physical doll is very low.
Next, mention the purpose. If you buy mini sex dolls mainly for physiology and don't pay attention to appearance, then you can choose real dolls with sets of hair, which are cheap and can be replaced when they are not fresh. If you like photography, role-playing, dressing up, and use a physical doll as your model, then it is best to choose a hair transplant version of the physical doll.