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oksexdoll sex doll №2

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Дата издания: 03.08.2021

The export volume of Chinese sex dolls has reached a new high in South Africa, but controversy continues

In the past 2020, the South African adult product company LuvLand's import demand for realistic life size sex dolls has reached a record high. You must know that in 2018 they only ordered 6 physical dolls from the Chinese factory for testing. Market demand.
Patrick Meyer, the company’s operations manager, said: “At the beginning, we only ordered 6 physical dolls in October, and the supplier delivered the products to us a few weeks later. By the end of the year, there was only one. Now, we must know that our country’s per capita GDP is only more than 6,300 U.S. dollars."
After that, in early 2019, the company will import about 50 physical dolls from my country every month, and the supply is still in short supply. Today, Meier’s company has nearly 200 purchases per month. Consumers’ obsession with physical dolls has increased the import demand for such products in his industry.
These little sex dolls are very pornographic, because they are about the same weight as real humans, and they are made of solid materials such as silicone or TPE, which are more realistic to the touch, and the steel skeleton encourages them to better imitate humans to make various actions. From the outside world, this seems to be only about sex, but Meyer has begun to think that the attraction of dolls is not only about sex during the sales process in the past few years.
He said: "BBW sex dolls have a large market in South Africa. The price of the products is generally between 16,000 rand and 25,000 rand (about 7500~12000 yuan). Although it is a doll, its actual weight is about 60. Jins are generally made with real people as models. Some consumers will put them in the kitchen or lounge to communicate with them. And for those who are lonely, love dolls are a way for them to enjoy their spiritual life. For those For the introvert and lack of self-confidence, the doll is their partner."

Sorika, an expert in social work such as mental health, sex and marriage, is not optimistic about the sudden increase in demand for cheap full size sex doll in South Africa. She worries that the result will cause humans to prefer to stay with real dolls rather than humans, whose self-esteem is very fragile. However, due to the lack of open and honest discussions on social, intimate relationships and other aspects in reality, consumers tend to choose simpler ways to meet their psychological needs.
But she also admitted that despite her some worries, mini sex doll eventually reached the South African market and set off a wave of craze. She said: "Although there are various controversies, they are the natural evolution of social development and the combination of human needs and technology. Existence is reasonable."