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oksexdoll sex doll №11

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Дата издания: 08.12.2021

TC's website promotes realistic sex doll as "your close friends, talk to you and feel your touch". At this time, people have big questions: They are so realistic, they can talk, will they have a negative impact on the actual human life? Parents will be very worried: if their children are addicted to talking Barbie dolls, will they not want to communicate with other real people? Women will worry: Will such Japanese sex dolls have a place in the family?
The reporter Lao Li wrote in his article "Sex Dolls: Why Do Women Panic?" try. ". Engineer David predicted in his book "Robot Sex" that by 2050, Marseille, the United States will become the first Central State to legalize marriage with a TPE Sex doll Anthropologist and ethicist Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University in the United Kingdom and Dr. Erik Billing of Shefford University in Sweden launched a campaign against “sex robots”. They feared that it would objectify women and undermine the relationship between men and women. Between the same sex.
Why do artificial intelligence Barbie dolls, sex robots, and humanoid smart dolls cause such controversy? The movie "Copy Stephen" released in 2004 tells the story of Joanna's family of four who moved to live in the beautiful suburb of Stafford. In order to make their wives obedient, rich husbands are willing to use high technology and high prices to turn them into robots, completely stifling their humanity. In a sense, they are already dead.
Did you buy a physical puppet, or did you buy it yourself? After deciding to create this work, June researched many small sex dolls and wanted to find the one that looked the most human. Later, he received another huge box, and when he was about to open the box, his hands trembled slightly.
The name "Eva" is a combination of the words "forever" and "Eve"-according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religion, Eve was the first woman. If you want to see more stories about sex dolls, you can click here.Eva and Joan have formed an incredible relationship. They sleep together, wake up together, shop together, eat together, drive together, and even travel together. Just like ordinary people, they will laugh and cry together, and feel happy and lonely.
What is their relationship? What does Eva mean to June? The purpose of June is not to show relationships in real life: he is a creator, and this is a fantasy they have constructed together. In the real life world, Eva has no real life. He is waiting for Google to implant AlphaGo into the doll's body. So an imaginary world was created through photography. In a sense, Eva was born in June.
More and more people like sex dolls, if you are interested in sex dolls, welcome to watch more stories
Eva and June are metaphors: metaphors of their emotions and their relationship with humans, cats, dogs, AI, and ordinary people living in this lonely world
What role do dolls play in modern society? What are their disadvantages? Since he started creating, he has been studying the Silicone Love Doll industry and the people who live with the dolls. The global market and population continue to grow. Interestingly, people buy dolls not only for sex, but also for their true partnership. This gave the doll a new identity, which made people feel comfortable and comforted.
This phenomenon can be embarrassing, just like people's first impression of Eva. Some people may think they are freaks, perverts, or mental disorders. However, no, they are just the lonely people around us—sometimes including ourselves. Sometimes they want someone to be with them, but they may be too sad or anti-social to maintain a relationship with real people. Chinese sex doll may be to them what pets are to other people.
But Joan would ask himself: "What if I create an artificial eternity? What if he gives a doll a new life, a new identity? What if I let that person stay in the fantasy world I built forever? "

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