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love doll  №2

sex doll

Бренд: love doll

Автор: sexdoll

Дата издания: 31.12.2019

With 2 sexy dolls, there is no threat of sperm theft. Theft of sperm can be used to describe two situations. One of them includes that women who become pregnant after sex assume men are protected. This looks like fraud or breach of contract, but is still classified as theft. The second case concerns women who carelessly stole condoms after sexual intercourse with men. The condom used can be used as evidence of fraud, the basis for child rearing tests, and excellent genetic preservation.
Sex doll has been popular for many years, remember that they were initially considered taboo. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the many benefits of these gods of pleasure and the benefits of talking about sex dolls in public. In fact, as research continues to improve promising doll experiences, billions of industries have broad prospects.
In fact, life-size love doll is considered better than women lying in bed. Why? Ask one. Well, this wonderful artwork can provide unparalleled sexual pleasure, and the active joints make it more flexible. This means you can perform any stunt on your doll with very little stress.
Sexy dolls come in all shapes and sizes, from tosohs to mini dolls, and finally to life-size WM doll . This is to satisfy the tastes and tastes of the broad market that grew that day. Studies show that the number of divorces increases every other day. There are many factors for divorce, most of which are sexual discomfort.
Some uses of life-sized dolls
1. Upon arrival, insert a real doll. First check the packaging to make sure the "love doll" is OK, then remove it from the sharp object and place it in a relatively open area.
2. Don't be lazy when cleaning true love dolls.
3. Usually, the baby accidentally touches the dirt, so please wipe the booty with a wet towel.
4. No need to rub hard when cleaning the wig.
5. When using, it is recommended to use the rear approach or raise your legs to facilitate exercise.