LITERARY WAY. Biography of writer Oksana Tkachenko
“Words, like leaves, fly away and are born again to decorate our reality. Words inspire always me as writer. I adore to work with the word. To connect phrases and to get from this meaning picture is a great pleasure. I write because I love to do it. When I am in the power of letters, I feel happy. And, of course, I write not only for self-expression, but also for awakening of kind feelings, for a special understanding of the beauty and meaning of life. Because art exists that to give joy to people. In this is my goal in literature - to bring light into the world”.
Author Oksana Tkachenko
Biography of Oksana Tkachenko
Oksana Tkachenko is a Russian writer and journalist. The author of the books "Changing of passwords" (2014), "Clouds do not melt" (2015), "Intertwined thoughts" (2016), "Love comes in January" (2016), "The brush of melancholy" (2017).
Tkachenko Oksana Anatolevna was born on November 11, 1988. She was graduated with honours from the faculty of journalism of the Voronezh State University (2011). Acted as the author of the tales and articles in the local press, and also worked as a literary critic in online newspaper (Moscow) and editor in magazine for writers. Oksana Tkachenko co-operated with such newspapers and magazines as “New time” (Gubkin, Russia), “Rural expanses” (Gubkin, Russia), “Oskol News” (Stary Oskol, Russia), “ARTEK” (Prague, Czech Republic), “Wikers Weekly” (Moscow, Russia), etc. The stories were published in literary magazines “Our street”, “Velykoross”, “Erfolg”, “P.S.”, “MuZa”,  “Railway station”, in the anthology “Port-Folio”, in the collections “Fairy-tales of the Crow” and “Workshop of the writer: Ellipsis...”, and others. In July 2014, Oksana Tkachenko became winner of literary contest “Bookshelf TektoPrishli” with the story “Waiting for the rainbow”. Also Oksana Tkachenko is finalist of several literary contests, among them “Towards... and three points” of the publishing house “Book on Demand” (long-list, 2013), “Russian Stil” (Germany) with the title “Author – Stylish Pen!” in the nomination “Prose” in 2013, 2014, 2015 years and others. In addition, in 2013, Oksana twice won in competition of reviews “Acute pen” (Bukabench). Oksana Tkachenko is the author of more than 40 reviews of books. So, in 2016 review of Oksana Tkachenko “Amazing shades of love” on the book by Ildar Abuzyarov “About not love. The novel with a victim” was published in the magazine “READING TOGETHER. Navigator in the world of books” № 11 (124) November, 2016 (page 9, heading “Literary pen”). This review is recognized as one of the best works submitted for the competition.
In September 2014, was published first book of Oksana Tkachenko – the story “Changing passwords”. This book was started in March 2014, then was a short break and already in the end of June of the same year the story was completed and edited. This work is dedicated to the writer's mother.
In June 2015, in the collection of stories “Fairy-tales of the Crow” (the publishing house “Berkhouse”) was published the story “A little of sun” by Oksana Tkachenko.
In October 2015, was published the second book “Clouds do not melt”. This story especially liked by readers. And the writer received many pleasant reviews. By volume, this work is a story, and the artistic content of “Clouds do not melt” can be called a short novel, which was written in just one month – from November till December 2013.
In February 2016, Oksana Tkachenko's third book ”Intertwined thoughts” was published. This is a collection of reviews of books by contemporary authors. This collection includes 39 reviews and is dedicated to the brother of author – artist Igor Tkachenko.
In October 2016 was published collection of poems “Love comes in January” by Oksana Tkachenko. According to the writer, this book, already the fourth in a row, is especially expensive, because it is dedicated to the beloved who inspired on the creation of this collection. The book includes poems written from 2011 till 2016.
In November–December 2016 was published the collection “Workshop of the writer: Ellipsis...” which included two stories by Oksana Tkachenko: “Shades of memories” and “The temperature of feeling”.
In June 2017, was published fifth book of Oksana Tkachenko – the novel “The paintbrush of melancholy”. This work the writer dedicated to her husband.       
In present time Oksana Tkachenko writes next book.
Bibliography. Books of Oksana Tkachenko
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