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brouilleur téléphone mobile jammer

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Автор: stoersenderalle

Дата издания: 23.04.2019

Jammer4UK est spécialisé dans la production et la fourniture de brouilleurs de signaux multiples: brouilleurs de téléphones mobiles, brouilleurs de téléphones portables 4G, brouilleurs WiFi, brouilleurs GPS, brouilleurs de drones et brouilleurs de télécommande, etc. Les modèles varient du petit format de poche au portable modèles de bureau (fixes). Nous nous sommes concentrés sur une plus grande fiabilité et une qualité optimale. Afin de mieux répondre aux demandes de blocage de fréquences des clients de différents pays, nous personnalisons les fréquences de chaque brouilleur en fonction des fréquences utilisées dans chaque pays de destination avant leur envoi effectif. De plus, nos dispositifs de brouillage sont équipés d'un excellent système de refroidissement pour assurer une stabilité de travail continue.
WiFi jammer to maintain your privacy and avoid unauthorized surveillance
How people used to live without the Internet? Have you ever thought about that? We are lucky as we have access to the Internet and thanks to WiFi we may have access to the Internet almost everywhere and any time.We may go to cafe, connect to Wifi and then search the Internet, send messages or emails and exchange photos or other information with friends. But, you should realize that connection to WiFi in public place may lead to information leakage. When you exchange files, someone may connect your mobile phone and steal all your files. It is very unpleasant situation. However, you can avoid such situations with the help of Wifi jammer. Maintain your privacy rights and avoid unauthorized surveillance by utilizing jammer is the best choice.
WiFi jammer to maintain your privacy rights
WiFi signal jammer is a powerful jamming device. It works on the same radio frequencies as WiFi gadgets. There are two most famous WiFi frequencies - 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The WiFi jammer intends to cut off WiFi frequencies. You can apply it in meeting rooms, cars, universities, schools, etc. It should be noted that with the help of WiFi blocker, you can disable hidden cameras and microphones, which may be installed in your cabinet, home or in the car. Also, it should be noted, that Bluetooth also works using 2.4Ghz frequency.
There are jammers, which are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. When you are planning to use jammer at one specific place, then you need to buy desktop jammer and people, who want to take jammer everywhere they go should buy portable jammers.
More detailed information about jamming devices you can get upon request. Our round the clock customer support service is ready to answer all your questions and provide with required information.