Fairy Tale Therapy №1


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Real Treasure
Once upon a time there lived an amusing Mole. Although he didn’t have a good opinion of himself. He had the opposite one on this matter. For the sole reason that he dug his tunnels, as it seemed to him, in the wrong direction, out of place he wanted to end up in. 
Firstly, the Mole thought it was happening only due to his blindness. After all, the moles have tiny underdeveloped eyes, as we know. Then he decided that his deafness is also the reason for his underground failures. And it was unbeknown to him that it wasn't the point.
This is how the Mole spent all his time complaining and lamenting about fate until the fateful meeting. And that is how it happened. As usual the Mole was digging one more burrow grumbling that he was crawling in the wrong place. Suddenly he bumped into a slug. And everything would be fine, and on any other day he would just eat that useless creature. Only the slug turned out to be weird, a kind of a wizard, because it was glowing in the dark so bright that the blind Mole narrowed his  tiny eyes in admiration. He was fascinated by its inviting radiance. It was looking like the shine of a hundred fireflies. 
A disgusting slug, but what a beautiful light it can emit, - the Mole said. 
He couldn’t eat it because he thought her sparkling is essential for creatures missing light  wandered out of the way. 
If someone needs that small motionless slug, so what such a large and amazing Mole as I can do, especially taking into account that I am absolutely free to move. I can’t glow but I can still be extremely useful.   
Since wherever he was he tried to make sense of his natural occurrence.  Once the Mole helped to a strewn with stones wheat grain to find the way up. Next time he pushed out a digged boy’s toy off the ground. The baby-boy was crying while he was digging  in the ground looking for it. 
And in fact the Mole has noticed that people lose lots of things which are found underground later. Often there were valuable jewellery among those items. The Mole pushed them out and remembered about his real treasure. And  once he even helped the spring to break through, cleaning the way for it.
And from now on neither blindness, nor deafness shadowed the Mole’s happiness.