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sex doll type
There are three types of entity dolls: ordinary entity dolls, overall dolls, and high-simulation entity dolls.

1. Inflatable molding of ordinary entity dolls
After inflation, the volume is close to the size of an adult, the body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic, the body and limbs are relatively round, and cannot show the beauty of the human body. The appearance is relatively rough and can only approximate the structure of a human.
Second, the whole body of the doll is solid
It can be made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The whole body is very similar to human skin. The appearance of the head and body is close to that of a real person, and the size of the body is as big as or close to a real person.
Three, high simulation entity doll
The internal body does not need to be inflated. The muscles and skins of the whole body are made of soft materials such as silicone rubber. The doll is equipped with mechanical bones, which can make a lot of human postures. The realism of the doll is very similar to the real person, even to the degree of fake. (The picture is a Japanese high-simulation entity doll, not an ordinary entity doll inflated.
Do sex dolls need condoms?
1. Use condoms
Although love doll seem to reduce the spread of sexual diseases on the surface, if the disinfection is not strict, they will also be contagious. In this way, sex dolls will also become carriers for the transmission of sexual diseases, so it is recommended to be cautious when using sex dolls. , Condoms should also be used.
2. Will sex dolls get STDs if they don’t wear condoms?
Generally speaking, if the sex dolls used are guaranteed to be strictly disinfected, it is difficult to contract STDs. However, if the WM doll is often not cleaned, disinfected, or even used by other people, the chance of contracting STDs will greatly increase. high. Therefore, if you use a sex doll without wearing a condom, it may be contagious.
3. Will sex dolls infect AIDS without wearing condoms?
Generally speaking, it is difficult to get AIDS even if you use a solid doll without a condom, because HIV is transmitted through body fluids or blood, and its activity is lost after leaving the body fluid or blood. Therefore, as long as multiple people are not using the same sex doll, it is difficult to contract AIDS.

What is it like to use a sex doll?
The TPE sex doll has a much stronger sense of impact than the famous device. Not only is it highly emulated and high-fidelity, but also the stimulation of the channel is not much worse than that of the real person. It can also make sounds, plant hair, plant hair, local heating, and add. Skin texture, such as the faint appearance of human blood vessels, almost has pores. Nowadays, the technical focus of manufacturers is to restore higher fidelity, whether it is skin, nails, eyeballs, hair or hand feel.

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