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CallbackPlus_english №2

Advantages of icommunication

Бренд: CallbackPlus_english

Автор: Elena2604

Дата издания: 30.11.2017

In previous articles we introduced you to the registration rules on the Callback+ website and
also mentioned that all registered users will be credited with a welcome bonus of 0, 5$ and
the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the enhanced functionality within 3 days.
Now let's get all this straightened out how to use such an interesting feature of this
functionality as changing (masking) your call. Suppose that you are calling from an unknown
number to a person who is simply not used to answering unknown calls. You really need to
pop up your phone number on his/her phone screen. Here's how to do it using the Callback+
- go to the server using your phone number and your unique password given by the system;
- you will have three windows: outgoing calls, incoming calls and privacy:
- in the first window in the main ID column your "native" number will be indicated. It is
attached to your personal account - you can not change it.
- if you want your subscriber to be shown a specific number when you call him/her, then click
on the pencil in front of the cell: Send the subscriber ID, and enter the number you want the
person you call to see;
- the same for cases if you want another number to be displayed on your number when
calling from a certain subscriber. Then click on the pencil in front of the cell: Accept on
ID, and enter the number that you need.
- you can use the extended functionality constantly or once. It is important in the second
case not to forget to change the settings to the "do not use".
What's interesting is that it is not just a replacement of the number when you call, but
also its complete masking. Any printout of any cellular company will show that your
interlocutor was called not by you at all, but by someone else, as well as that you were
not called by the person with whom you eventually spoke.
And finally, about the window "privacy". Click on it. 3 switches will open: Random routing,
random transfer of ID in the format of the country of registration and random transfer of ID
in international format. This is what it gives. The first slider generally includes the function
of free number selection, which is received by your interlocutor. And then choose if you
need additionally move the second switch or the third one. In the case of the second one,
he/she will see an arbitrary number that is registered in the region from which you are
calling. And in the second in general, any number of the globe. Call your friend from Peru!
That will be surprise for him/her.
Register on the website: https://callback.plus and get into this wonderful world!