Bholenath №9


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Bholenath №9

What it means when you want to know

Бренд: Bholenath

Автор: Vim Vim

Дата издания: 02.08.2017

I am feeling weary writing this, because a time has come for this weariness to be voiced.
So, one thing that has happened to me is, I have gathered information without knowledge. Formally speaking, I am more educated than most people of my age in my country. Yes, this is how it is. Not just in those terms that I have a degree, but in terms of information I have gathered in my mind. What I have is more than many people of my age have. Incredible things can be done with just what I already know, but all this is still of no use in my hands.
This is happening to some extent because I have learned this and that, many things, but not life. Another, more piercing is, the more I know and the more I can see and understand, the better I understand I can not do anything in an intelligent way. Not a damn thing that I could do in a sensible manner.
Eating, sleeping, doing some occasional things — all this is happening to me, but out of my perception — nothing more. Praised and cherished for my intellect, I succeeded only in finding a man on this planet, who is capable to guide me through life, death and beyond.
Still, in everything, from the mundane to something other, I am only a child, not knowing a thing about all this.
How does this happen? Simply, the more you seek to know, the clearer it is for you that you do not.