Bholenath №4


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Bholenath №4

looking within, finding out what's wrong

Бренд: Bholenath

Автор: Vim Vim

Дата издания: 12.07.2017

One more thing, which took me years to realize.
For months and may be years now one question has been repeatedly coming up in my mind: why are most people so different from me? Why do they not see what is clear for me? Why do they not question and doubt so many things?
So many things many consider as "normal" or "the only way" are just an option for me. Why this difference?
I was not born in some peculiar family, I do not have any outstanding gifts. Why is it that I remember Kirchhoff's circuit laws and so many people don't?
This has been my question for quite a long time. Until now that I realized I am not actually looking for the answer. I am battling inside my mind with the imperative "be like someone else", put there by my family.
What is all this your strange nonsense? Go do this, this and this, and if any time left, do whatever you want to. You are not strange, you are not different, you are ordinary, like all the people around, why the hell do you think you are in any big way different from me or anyone else?
This has been the attitude, which has led to me knowing no life. No time, no space to desire what I desire, to do what I want to do, to be what I am.
Now, this must be taken care of.