Bholenath №13


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Bholenath №13

ways of knowing... and acting

Бренд: Bholenath

Автор: Vim Vim

Дата издания: 24.08.2017

A time for a brief "about me" section has come.
So, why yoga? How come a boy from a family of technically educated people has set his eyes upon Shiva?
The core of the story is just this: from my childhood I sensed that understanding can happen on different levels. When you just remember some formula — that is one kind of memory and understanding, but when you really feel it, when it somehow gets into you, that is another, deeper understanding. Looking up to people known as geniuses, I have seen that in them all this knowledge I have picked up from books is even deeper — they feel and sense and perceive the world like that. When water for me is just plain water, and only a step further I remember that is actually H₂O, they know it constantly. What's the difference? To pass your school examinations, you may just remember a bunch of formulae, definitions and some other things and learn some patterns of their use, but to do some things out of it, like make buildings, computers and other complex stuff, you need a deeper understanding; to actually know at least something about life, you need to be genius, you have to know it all like that. And then I see people saying you can know not only Pythagorean theorem, but everything like that, out of your own experience. So, this is worthwhile. This is one face of "why yoga in my life"
Now, to other things. It has been bumping my head lately, that constantly roaming around in my thought process is not necessary. Though I do not even remember ever being some other way, now I am touching the reality of this being a nonsense. My family members are always in the mode "may be this may happen to me, may be that, so it's better I do this and that", but actually it is only a question of your competence. If you are competent enough to carry on your current affairs, no need to be in that turmoil. If not, just work on your competence, empower yourself in a proper way — and that's it. That is a wonder of a discovery for me.
Another aspect of my life is, I am really not aware of many things happening inside me. This have resulted in me being labeled as lazy, but it actually can be that there is a hell of activity inside, but I am not aware of it, and as it needs energy and a certain space and atmosphere to happen well, there are times I do not feel like doing anything. Actually it means there is an inner work going on, and I came to recognize this only now.