Bholenath №11


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Bholenath №11

contemplating on ways to know things

Бренд: Bholenath

Автор: Vim Vim

Дата издания: 14.08.2017

One thing I just came across is this: to know something new, you can first learn that intellectually and then move into experiential learning, or you can simply walk into experiencing things, and then knowledge and understanding will flower from within.
Having been learning intellectually for most part of my life, I still value experiential understanding as a higher form of knowing. See, I can spend ten years studying strength of materials, thermodynamics and many other things, but that does not make me a great builder right away. In order to actually raise a building with my own hands, I will still need to study in a practical way. On the other hand, if I have been building things for ten years, I may have no idea of the whole complexity of crystal lattice, stress, modulus of elasticity and so on, but most probably I will know exactly what to do to bend a steel bar in my hands into this or that form.
The same goes for walking the spiritual path: you may first learn this and that stuff of words, the meaning of which you can't grasp, or you can just walk. To just walk, you need either a great sense and perception, or a deep trust and love for the Guru. It really takes trust, as per my experience.
For quite a while I have been imagining myself as someone capable of just walking... but now it became clear, that actually first thing I learned intellectually about the direction where I am goind, and only then did I start doing practices and so on.
Also, I do not think myself to fall like that for any person, to just follow him and let him do anything to me. It is seeing the possibility of going somewhere I can not even imagine which makes me more open. As for the person... I am too much of intellect to bow down to a mere human person.