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Corruption in Russia, withdrawal of assets, fraud of officials


Автор: Эliya Brashatskaya

Дата издания: 30.05.2017

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In the banking environment they are called "sleeping." By this means an account that is a long time without traffic. So, the bank of Israel "sleeping" considers the accounts with a deposit, after the opening of which, they can not contact the account holder within two months, and the above-mentioned accounts were without traffic for almost 10 years. As I later found out, the fact is that the bills were for dummies, and the actual owner of all this wealth was one person - the notorious Russian "reformer" of liberal democracy, a friend through all the leaders of democratic parties in Europe and the US, and simultaneously a Russian big Official Anatoly Borisovich Chubais. I think in the description he does not need, especially for Russian citizens. I still could not imagine that from a country in which 75% of beggars, more than 5 million homeless children doomed to death, can bring such huge sums and they will lie far beyond the seas and oceans without moving billions of dollars on "sleeping" accounts - forgotten and uselessly stolen from those dying from malnutrition, the lack of human living conditions, medical care, medicines, etc. And this secret owner of forgotten billions of billions is not just a person close to all the first persons of the state and their person An elite guru in Russia itself, but also a respected handshake of many democratic and liberal leaders in Europe and the United States. Because many years he was elected to the board of the international corporation J.P. Morgan Chase. While observing what is happening inside and around Russia, one can not find any trace of Chubasov's democratization or liberalization, except for the named and still not named "sleeping" bank accounts of the reformer himself and his entourage from Denmark to the Vergin islands and Cyprus. HISTORICAL PARALLELS Of all the cases known to me, Aleksandr Lvovich left such "sleeping" accounts long before Anatoly Borisovich. This brilliant reformer and expropriator, the father of the Russian revolution, was also engaged in the ungrateful work of privatization. True, the pre-Soviet privatizer Parvus was much more modest than the post-Soviet colleague of Chubais and confined himself to the expropriation of banks and jewelry of St. Petersburg and did not say goodbye modestly without saying goodbye. Nobody still knows where his grave is. Lvovich was also a Russian "reformer of the first wave" and, as Chubais led the enslaved peoples to abundance, promising "two carts" (apparently, Chubais assumed the promise of the two "Volga" after privatization) and the land in plenty, but not to the liberal-democratic , But on the contrary - to the communist and also left a lot of "dormant" accounts. And such accounts of "sleeping" in red and not red Russian "liberal-democrats" across Europe, offshore and other corners of the planet a thousand. According to some colleagues and associates of the Russian "reformer," who fled after Putin's presidency from Russia faster than Pushkin's Garun to far-abroad countries, by hundreds of billions, or maybe a trillion dollars. The whole absurdity of the "sleeping", "frozen", etc. accounts of these Lihodites is that these astronomical capitals will not be able to drink and drink for the rest of their sorry, sorry life, Chubais and Co., their Dunya, their great-grandchildren and Great-grandsons of great-grandsons. It's about fabulous sums. The specialists found only the "sleeping" accounts of the front men of Chubais and his accomplices from RAO UES and Rosnano, the smallest sum of $ 5.5 billion. So the "reformer" and his runaway and not runaway privatizers are capitals of the figurants of the list of the richest men of the world of Forbes such as Mikhelsonov, Kovalchukov, Usmanov, Friedmanov or Kuyveit sheikhs, etc., and in pocket money are not suitable. But they could save the country from real famine and poverty. But this is from the realm of fantasy. With all this wealth, Chubais himself and his accomplices for the dollar are ready to gnaw their throats even to their near and dear ones. This can be seen on the latest examples of today. But it is not the mad insatiability of the "reformer" and his associates that amazes - in Moscow horde theft and robbery were always in the honor, not for nothing Karamzin wrote:. "Well, how is it in Russia?" ... "They steal!", But they are shocked by their pettiness. EPISODES FROM CERTAIN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS In 2016, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against a number of former managers of the corporation Rosnan. Operational support was provided by the FSB. The ex-general director of Rosnano, the former deputy chairman of the board of RAO UES of Russia, Leonid Melamed In absentia arrested ex-deputy chairman of the board of "Rosnano" Andrey Malyshev. His last position is the president of the company "E4 Group", created by Mikhail Abyzov, the former deputy chairman of the board of RAO UES of Russia. Other figurants are present in the case, and all of them are associates and friends of Anatoly Chubais, all worked in RAO "UES of Russia" and worked or worked in Rosnano. The criminal case was initiated, according to one of the leaders of the IC of the Russian Federation, after months of development by the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the facts of abuse of authority (Article 201 of the Criminal Code) and concerns contracts that were concluded in 2008 by the corporation management with IFC Alemar. IFC "Alemar" in 2008 "won" a tender for the provision of consulting services for the analysis of projects that were offered by state corporations. According to the officials of the UK and experts, Rosnan paid the budget money to the commercial structure for the work that the corporation itself had to perform. For the analysis of the documentation "Alemaru" was paid more than 220 million rubles. The founder of the Alemaru company is Melamed himself. Meanwhile, Leonid Melamed held the post of general director of Rosnano from September 2007 to September 2008, and during the signing of the treaty and the theft more than 220 million. Dollars of budgetary funds the head of Rosnan was already Chubais, while Melamed arrested him during his arrest was the general director of CJSC Holding Company Composite, which produces carbon fiber products. In recent years, ZAO and Rusnano have launched several joint projects. Thus, the criminal cycle of budgetary funds in Rusnano is ensured - the finances coming from the budget are transferred to their shell commercial structures and through the same structures income from nanotechnology is appropriated. In addition, Melamed headed the GC Composite, which is 75% owned by his company IFK Alemar. GC Composite provides supplies to the MIC of composite materials of dual purpose - including to enterprises participating in the project to create a fifth-generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA). Leonid Melamed belongs to three structures under the Military-Industrial Commission (councils on public-private partnership and on new materials, heads the working group on new technologies of the military-industrial complex). Called in the SC of the Russian Federation for interrogation, Chubais and representatives of Rosnan stated that "the contract between the GC" Rosnanotech "and CJSC" Investment Corporation Alemar "was concluded on December 24, 2008 following an open tender in which five companies took part." At the same time, for some reason, the following important fact does not take into account: the head of the tender committee, who recognized Alemar as the winner in the competition for the analysis of projects proposed by the state corporation, the financial director of Rosnano and the adviser to the deputy general director Alemar, Svyatoslav In Ponurov.He was also the general director, vice-president before Alemar in 2008. What kind of "open fair competition" can be discussed if the Chubais contest, like everything he does is a fiction, ie a contest with Receive hundreds of millions of dollars of budgetary money, carry out tenders with themselves, transfer this money to the accounts of their companies, and then write off them as payment for services, the fulfillment of which is the responsibility of Rosnano Corporation. Impressive virtuosity of the "reformers"? 12.05.2017. The criminal case against the ex-general director of Rosnano Leonid Melamed and financial director of the corporation Svyatoslav Ponurov was received by the Moscow Cheremushkinsky court. Cheryomushkinsky court of the capital rejected the request for protection and the company "Rosnano", which asked to stop UD. From all that has been said, the question arises to the RF CC: "Why are they judged and detained by one Melamed, and why did not they detain and judge Chubais?". The Investigative Committee said today that it has begun to study new data on Rosnano, and there Anatoly Chubais already appears personally. Member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Oksana Dmitrieva made a public statement: "in the accounts of the Accounting Chamber for Rosnano it was said about the creation of a chain of companies, which were partially established by the top managers of the state corporation." Through them, money was withdrawn to foreign firms and subsequently "invested in the Russian Federation as foreign investment." Now we understand where the billions of "sleeping" bank accounts from the thieves' gang. A FAULT CONFESSED IS HALF REDRESSED After the arrest of Melamed, Chubais's friends from Rosnano went on a run abroad. Fearing criminal prosecution in connection with the case of Rosnano, five top managers left Russia, who at different times were connected with the state corporation and Anatoly Chubais. Since the beginning of July, when Leonid Melamed was imprisoned under house arrest, several top managers of Rosnano left Russia, both former and current. They suspected that the hunting for the boss had begun on instructions from above and this had plunged them into wild horror. They, on Khodorkovsky's example, knew how such a "pointing finger of the sovereign" ends up for the massacre of the person who caused this anger. And in fact, the signal for an attack on Chubais was given long before Melamed's arrest. In recognition of one of the leaders of the IC of the Russian Federation, Melamed and his accomplices in this criminal case were taken into the work of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation several months before the arrest. The procedure of the criminal case itself indicates the direction from above. It means the call for interrogation of Chubais himself. He has never been interrogated for the whole time of the existence of criminal cases in the structures he supervises, but this time he was summoned for questioning to the Russian Federation Criminal Code four days before the arrest of Melamed. On the instruction from above another important point from the procedure for conducting this criminal case testifies. When the investigators found out that on the day of the interrogation, Melamed would not be able to come to them himself (his lawyer was busy in another process in the Moscow region), a group of operatives attacked him and detained him. One of the reasons for taking the environment and Chubais himself to develop, initiate criminal proceedings and arrest Melamed Affiliated Financial Investment Group of Experts N. Rotenberg and E. Bergman (AFIGE) considers Chubais's participation in public debates with opposition provocateur from politics Alexei Navalny. Siloviki had views of the Chubais group, and after the debate with Navalny on the air of "Rain", Chubais's people simply stopped defending in the Kremlin, Chubais, on the day of the trial, as soon as he was stopped by his former partner, contacted the then head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov. The result of this conversation was the mitigation of the measure of restraint of Melamedu - from being held in pre-trial detention center to house arrest. After that, Chubais realized that the delay in the preventive actions on his part, threatens to arrest him and he guiltyly went to ask the audience from the very first. According to Ivanov himself, he prompted him to go to Putin's reception and repent for his sympathy for the opposition. Further events develop and at all in Russian. After the meeting between Putin and Chubais, fugitives - emigrants - top managers of the state company, who were caught in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of budget money, began to return to Russia. In a confidential conversation, one of the employees of Rosnano, close to Chubais, told us that Putin guaranteed safety to the fugitives. This is the cost of the Chubais reform to be pardoned or executed in Russia by one person, not His Majesty the Law. CROSS-GRATIFY FAITH OF CHUBAIS AND TECHNOLOGY OF STATE EXECUTION An example of avarice, deception and, I apologize, livestock are persecution, extortion and blackmail of Chubais, for example, the Swiss owner of the Swiss company JSC SFO Consept AG, Ilya Suchkov, the ex-manager of his "family office". Here are some excerpts from the expert conclusion of the group of financial experts AFIGE: "... The company simultaneously with other projects in Russia was engaged in the construction of a residential complex in the village. Peredelki, Odintsovo district, Moscow region. Currently, the complex is completed, operates, and belongs to the sole owner of JSC "SFO Concept AG", from the purchase at the market price of AB. Chubais refused, offering to buy out the complex at an artificially low price of $ 12,550,000. The construction of the Complex was mainly carried out on the Company's own funds, with only a small amount of funds drawn from the current assets of the Company itself. Part of the current assets, at the time of acquisition of the land plot for the construction and construction of the Complex itself, were formed from: a loan from O1 TRAST SERVICES LIMITED for the amount of USD 14,000,000 for the period until 02.04.2022, a loan from RAFINHA HOLDING LIMITED, for a total consideration of USD 3,000,000; A loan from CRIZNA HOLDINGS LTD (Krizna Holdings LTD), for $ 7 500 000. - Actually spent money for the construction of the Complex is about $ 50 000 000. The companies listed earlier, O1 Trust Services Limited, Rafinha Holding Limited , "Krizna Holdings LTD", are not resident companies of the Russian Federation, but are offshore companies, with registration in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands. In addition, all the above-mentioned companies are affiliated (not officially, but reliably known) with B.I. Mintsem - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the investment company "O1 Group", who is also an old friend and associate of the previous work place, A.B. Chubais, and ultimately form an alliance of interests between BI. Mints and AB Chubais. Also it is reliably known that the final beneficiary of the money resources "overtaken" through the above-mentioned companies is A.B. Chubais. Funds under loan agreements worth $ 15,500,000 and $ 6,400,000, and a total of $ 21,000,000, were received at preferential rates of 2.5% per annum, with principal and interest repayments only in 2022, without the right to early recovery . In addition, these loan amounts were issued without any security. The decision to borrow money was taken by A.B. Chubais. Monetary funds under loan agreements were received at a concessional rate of 2.25% per annum, without any collateral. In addition, subsequently, one day before the expiration of the obligations, the debt obligations were first transferred to a "friendly" affiliated company - DENIAN LTD (British Virgin Islands) (Denian Ltd), and then it was completely forgiven in full . All the above procedure was carried out according to the instructions and under the supervision of the financial director of FC Otkrytie, Roman Rodionov, who provided the abovementioned companies for the scheme of assignment and forgiveness of borrowed funds. Not a little important is the fact that the founders and participants of the FC Otkrytie before 2014 were B.I. Mints and A.B. Chubais. Along with this BI. Mints, owning the company "O1 group", subsequently with FC Otkrytie form the ICT Group, which in turn owns a significant share in the companies O1 Properties, Bank Otkrytie. The construction of the complex was carried out within the framework of the trust management agreement for real estate between JSC "SFO Concept AG" and OOO Concept Consulting (Russia), respectively, under the guidance of the company "Concept Consulting" LLC, the founder and head of which is to this day a former security guard A .B. Chubais - S.A. Krychenko. After the refusal to purchase the LCD, threats and ambiguous hints of criminal and judicial harassment by Chubais followed, with the aim of forcing the owner Ilya Sucheov, free of charge or at a low price, to give the LCD to his property. With the purpose of realizing his threats and gratuitously receiving the property of a person close to him, with whom he has been sharing a piece of bread for many years, Chubais inspired the initiation of civil cases, within one of which, security measures were taken-the arrest of the Parliament. At the same time, Chubais forged documents (surety agreement), mislead the court in order to seize other people's property ... ". And now you can imagine that all this machinations of a black realtor are not the Russian philistine who has finished the last piece, but a multi-billionaire. He has dozens of billions of dollars with "sleeping" foreign bank accounts, which he forgot about the litigation of other people's houses. No, Chubais does not mind losing ON THE TRACKS OF "SLEEPING" BILLIONS OF CHUBAIS We read further the conclusion of a group of financial experts AFIGE to understand where the "sleeping" bank accounts for tens of billions of dollars: "... One of the figurants of fraud with the housing of I. Sychev Boris Mints. He worked with Chubais in the Presidential Administration of Yeltsin, the general director of the REN-TV media holding, the main shareholder of which was RAO UES under the leadership of Chubais, in the State Property Committee, in 2004 he became chairman of the board of the Otkritiya company. In September 2006, together with partner Belyaev bought a small bank "Shield" and renamed it "Otkrytie". With the arrival of Mints in the "Discovery", the company and the bank became firmly associated in the financial market with the name of Chubais and the cash flows of the state structures headed by him. Although formally he himself became a shareholder of the "Discovery" only in 2011 and the package received a minor - only 2.19%, but Chubais took the lion's share of the transactions with embezzlement of budget funds allocated by the state in support of RAO UES, and then Rusnano. As this small bank began to actively cooperate with RAO UES, it became one of the most powerful banks in Russia. The reports of Bank Otkrytie for 2007 and 2008 reflect transactions with bills of energy companies for significant amounts. Fraudulent schemes of kidnapping of state money through the structures of RAO UES, and then Rosnano have been and remain standard. "Otkrytie" buys promissory notes from the subsidiaries of RAO UES and Rusnano and on the same day sells them to RAO UES and Rosnano. For example, on July 2, 2007, the bank bought from FGC its promissory notes for 22 billion rubles and sold them to RAO UES. What is the economic meaning of such transactions? The answer is unequivocal: embezzlement of budget money. For example, on July 2, 2007, the bank bought from FGC its promissory notes for 22 billion rubles and sold them to RAO UES for 28 billion. In total, such transactions were made in the first time at 74 billion rubles. Subsequently, promissory notes of the "Discovery" were transferred to the successors of RAO UES - FGC (balance value of 6 billion rubles) and RusHydro (7.3 billion rubles). Both companies indicated the fact of acceptance of the bills on their balance sheet in their reports on international standards, but the debtor for them is now not at all the "Discovery" of Chubais-Mintz. The fact is that in 2009 the issuer "Otkrytie-Finance" first changed its name to "Energo-finance", and then the owner - the company was sold to the bank of RRDB, the main shareholder - "Rosneft" and offshore Xerilda. If the company that issued the promissory notes was sold to a third party, the "Discovery" should not have any more on this paper. RAO UES not only rolled out promissory notes deals with Otkrytie Bank, but also kept money there. According to the report of RAO UES for the first quarter of 2008, 33.7 billion rubles were placed on deposits with Otkrytiye and VTB (as of December 31, 2007) against 4.4 billion as of December 31. 2006 .. In 2008, the reform of RAO UES was nearing completion. "Opening" together with a subsidiary bank of VTB Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus) created the Otkritie UES Capital Partners fund. The fund bought shares of RAO, which the monopoly bought out from investors who refused to participate in the reform and exchange UES shares for shares of educated companies. The portfolio of the fund, made up of the shares of the companies allotted from RAO UES, had to repeat the structure of the most liquidated monopoly. Monopoly sold part of them to Otkritie UES Capital Partners - 1.4 billion shares for a total of 45 billion rubles. In July 2008 Assets of Otkritie UES Capital Partners amounted to 2.4 billion rubles. VTB Bank granted a loan for the purchase of shares in the amount of 1.8 billion rubles. This loan was partially guaranteed by the deposits of FGC and RusHydro in VTB Bank. Having formed the fund, the founders planned to hold an IPO on the London Stock Exchange, but a crisis broke out. Assets Otkritie UES Capital Partners rapidly depreciated, the placement of its shares had to be forgotten. Debt to the main creditor - VTB - was restructured and partially converted into shares of the financial corporation Otkrytie. Thus, in early 2009, VTB became the owner of 19.9% ​​of FC Otkrytie. For this package, VTB paid 5 billion rubles. The loss of the "Discovery" Belyaev estimates only 2 billion rubles. In 2009, Otkritie UES Capital Partners was bought by the same RRDB (19%) and Cyprus Xerilda (81%) and renamed Rusenergo Fund. VTB said that it had completely sold its stake in the "Discovery". The buyer was Sergey Gordeyev, the founder of Rosbuilding, which specialized in unfriendly takeovers of industrial enterprises and the seizure of their real estate. "Rosbuilding" was liquidated in 2007, after which the development assets of Gordeev went to the company Horus Capital. That in turn was sold to O1 Properties by Boris Mints. As follows from the official press release of VTB, the bank's share in the shareholding structure of "Discovery" at the time of the transaction was 7.96%. The transaction amount is 179 billion rubles. The criminal situation developed in the banks of the Otkrytie group - FC Opening and KhMB Otkrytie in 2015. These financial organizations in just a month withdrew 220 billion rubles. Funds legal entities (this is official data from the reporting of the bank Together with the funds of corporate clients from the "Discovery", the withdrawal of foreign assets was carried out in the interests of its shareholders - Mints and Chubais. "Opening" credited the company to its owners. And this, incidentally, is one of the most common "legalized schemes" for the withdrawal of assets from banks. By the way, according to the Moody's agency, the volume of loans issued to related parties by shareholders of FC Otkritie is twice the capital of this bank. According to IFRS financial statements (dated June 30, 2015), the capital of FC Otkritie is 296.1 billion rubles. At the same time, the volume of loans extended by the bank to related parties is steadily growing. If at the beginning of the year the share of such loans was 85% of the bank's capital, by the end of the first half of the year it increased to 229%. In the six months of 2015, FC Otkryt increased its lending to shareholders and their companies threefold, from 216 billion to 663 billion rubles. It turns out that against the backdrop of how state companies withdraw their savings from the "Discovery", the shareholders' firms of this bank receive huge loans. Those. The bank is preparing for bankruptcy, previously removing the assets from it. Bank Otkritie FC was "lit up" and in the scandal involving the withdrawal of assets by the owner of the "Russian Credit" A. Motylev, who controlled a number of non-state pension funds (NPFs). NPF, owned by Motylev, placed their funds in the bank "FC Otkritie". Motylev, the owner of the license-deprived "Russian credit". At the same time, the financial corporation FC Otkritie became its creditor and gave the bank Motylev hundreds of millions of rubles. This was a deal to remove the assets of the failed bankrupt Motyleva Bank. Bank FC Opening was not only associated with the "crushed" CB "financial empire Motyleva", but also with the group "Life", whose assets are also, according to experts, were withdrawn abroad. Losing a license, Probusinessbank (part of the Life group) used the services of Otkritie Capital International (OCI) (formerly Otkritie Securities Limited), which was controlled by the same bank, FC Otkritie, for financial transactions. Taking into account that billions of rubles were withdrawn from the banks of the Life group, some of them with the help of representatives of Otkritie Capital International found themselves on the accounts of the owners of FC Otkritie. Let's remind the shareholders of FC OTKRITIE the owner of the holding O1 Group Boris Mints and the head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais. They stood at the origins of the establishment of the FC "Otkrytie", and Mints together with Belyaev are considered co-founders of this financial group. It is interesting that as soon as Mints and Chubais withdrew from the shareholders of FC Otkritie, a scandal erupted in connection with the withdrawal of assets from this financial institution. This was due to the fact that the company Boris Minta MCC Bor won a loan from this bank, and then allowed a technical default on the bonds. That is, it turns out that one Mintz company borrowed from another of its structures, then defaulted, and money went to foreign accounts. At the same time, the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, "closes her eyes" to the "dark deeds" of the shareholders of FC Otkritie and this is due to the fact that OTKRITIE Bank Bank Chubais, and Elvira Nabiullina in the second half of the 90s worked as Anatoly Chubais's secretary in the commission for economic Reforms. On the order of Nabiullina "OTKRITIE FC" was allocated a loan of 127 billion rubles. This is exactly the amount of money that FC Otkritie Bank received for the rehabilitation of Bank Trust. According to experts, Nabiullina used the bank of her former boss to "cut" the budget money. . In 2008, the "Opening" - an investor reconstruction of the Kirov Palace in St. Petersburg - was accused of raiding - the sale of the same DC (the deal was canceled by the arbitration court). In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the arbitration court accepted the claim of LLC Prompostavka to the bank "Otkrytie" - an illegal financial pyramid was opened, organized inside the credit institution. The amount of damage amounted to 2.5 billion rubles. Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee (NAC) Kirill Kabanov sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Central Bank with a request to conduct a check of the "Otkrytiye" branch of the "Otkrytie" branch of the Bank for unilateral termination of contracts with depositors, as a result of which more than one billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank. Especially the ringing was the story of the issuance of loans to the shareholders of the bank "Otkrytie". Then the company Boris Mints - GCC "Bor" - after receiving the loan allowed a technical default on the bonds. Around the "Discovery" the storm got stronger. And in the summer of 2013, Boris Mintz, followed by Anatoly Chubais, sell their stakes in FC Otkritie. Due to certain reasons, Chubais can not show his hundreds of billions of dollars, and the head of the investment group "01 Properties", Chubais' shadow Boris Mintz showed some of his modest in comparison with the chief of the capital showed and immediately found himself on the 62nd place in the honorary list 200 richest businessmen of Russia. His state Russian Forbes estimated at 1.2 billion dollars. What and who is the protégé of Mints, who helps a modest mathematics teacher from Ivanovo so confidently move up the prestigious Forbes ladder with two hundred steps to a group of experts is clear, as it is clear that Chubais himself could confidently take the first place on the Forbes ladder with the legalization of his capitals. Not surprisingly, a special report by Janina Wadel (George Washington University) states that the "Petersburg Group" (the Chubais group) was the only Russian who had access to American money for market reforms ... The financial support provided by the International Development Agency to the reformers, Expressed a round sum of $ 40.4 million to work in Russia, plus another $ 17.4 million, planned for further work. The participants of the projects on the American side, on which the allocation of financial assistance depended, had the opportunity to initiate the necessary texts of presidential decrees in Russia, they also managed to restrict the powers of the parliament in reforming activities and its influence on market reforms. Harvard consultants claim that they "participated in the preparation of more than one hundred decrees of the President of the Russian Federation." Now you understand where some "sleeping" accounts are and why Chubais and Co. do not get their hands on them. The continuation of the history of the sleeping accounts of Chubais and Co. and the appeal of the AFIGE and IFD expert group to the Head of the International Organization for Combating Corruption (Transparency International) should The continuation of the history of the sleeping accounts of Chubais and Co. and the appeal of the AFIGE and IFD expert group to the Head of the International Organization for Combating Corruption (Transparency International) follows the President of the Russian Federation Financial expert AFIGE and IFD E. Bergman, N. Rothenb